Booking Questions

Will your artists play for a love offering only?

Our artists have carefully planned budgets, so we typically ask for a church or buyer to help with expenses up front to offset the artist’s travel expenses before they arrive. We can consider a love offering in addition to a smaller guarantee in some instances, but it requires a specific scenario for it to be feasible. Contact a JRA agent to discuss the specifics of this scenario.

Will your artist donate their time for our fundraising event?

Unfortunately we don’t schedule any of our artists without covering their expenses. A touring artist has a similar model to a church, all their income is typically retained during the weekends or essentially 2-4 days a week to meet monthly needs. Artists rely heavily on each event to keep their full-time touring ministry operating, much as a church would from its members’ tithes. 

Who books travel for the artist?

If you are providing flights as part of your contract agreement, the artist manager may prefer to book the flights for the artist and then ask for reimbursement.  On occasion the artist’s manager may request that you book the flights directly, but as a rule, never book travel without speaking to the manager first.  

I've submitted an offer using the JRA Offer Form - now what?

After the agent has received the offer, they will review it to make sure everything is accurate and contact you if there are any questions. It will then be sent to management for review and either approved, declined or countered.  Based on the response from management, this process can take anywhere from less than 24 hours to several days depending on the factors involved. You’ll receive updates from JRA throughout the process to keep you informed of the status.