I've never hosted an artist before - how does the booking process work?

You can learn a lot about how the booking process works as it relates to managing your event from start to finish in our Promotional Countdown, but here’s a brief breakdown to give you an idea of the initial steps involved:

Step 1: Contact a JRA agent to confirm that the artist you want is available on the date of your proposed event; this is also a good time to discuss the cost and other factors that will be involved with your event and plan your offer.
Step 2: Submit an offer via the JRA Offer Form.
Step 3: The agent will look over your offer and forward it to management, who will approve, decline or counter the offer. This process can take anywhere from 24 hours to several business days.
Step 4: Once your offer has been approved, you will receive a contract via email from our contract administrator that you will need to sign and return along with your deposit to finalize your date.
Step 5: Begin promoting your date!  

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