Promotional Questions

Whom should I contact to set up an on-air radio interview or an in-store appearance by the artist?

The artist's manager will be your contact for setting up interviews as well as in-store appearances.  If you do not have this contact information, it can be found in the artist's rider you received with your contract.  It’s important not to promise an artist’s time to anyone without first receiving written permission from management.

How do I approach my local Christian radio station about coming on board and sponsoring the event?

Call the station and ask for the person who is in charge of promotions. Tell them about your event and ask what the station might be able to do to help support it. The support of Christian radio can be very important to your event depending on your market, so this is a relationship that you want to focus on early in your event planning. For more info about promoting a Christian concert, see our Promotional Countdown page.