At JRA, we truly consider ourselves to be “Your Concert Ministry Partner” from the time of the offer to the night of the show. Collectively our agents have over 85 years of experience in the Christian concert industry and are ready to help make your event a success.

Here are some things to consider before making your first offer…

Make sure you are authorized to submit the offer

Just like an offer in real estate, an offer for an artist to perform at your event becomes binding should the artist accept it. This means you should be authorized and capable of following through with the provisions – financial and otherwise – promised within that offer. If you’re making an offer on behalf of a church, be sure to get the pastor’s OK as well as any committee approvals before proceeding. If necessary, a JRA agent can schedule a conference call with yourself and the leadership staff/pastors to discuss questions between both sides to ensure everyone is comfortable moving forward.

Make sure the venue is available and put it on hold

Make sure you have a firm “hold” on your venue for the date of your event. This can have different definitions based on the type or size of the venue, but it basically means that you should have confirmation in writing that the venue is available and temporarily on hold for your event on the date that you have chosen. It’s important to get this confirmation in writing even if the venue is your church and you are on staff – there could be a wedding or other event planned that your department doesn’t know about. Losing the venue after the offer has been accepted puts you and the artist in a tough spot, so taking measures to avoid that will ensure your event planning gets off to a smooth start.

Check for competing local events

Check with your local contemporary Christian radio station to see if they know of any other events in your area that are within the timeframe of your proposed event. This is also a good time to ask if they would be willing to support your event through advertising spots and on-air mentions should your offer be approved. There are also several Christian event websites that you can check for potential conflicts, including and ChristianConcertAlerts.

Talk to a JRA agent

We can process your offer faster if we already know about your event and the goals you’re trying to achieve. If your date or artist selection is flexible, we can also offer valuable insight on what would be the most successful combination for your event and locale. Click here to start the conversation!

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