Zahriya Zachary


Zahriya Zachary


Born and raised in Spring, Texas, Zahriya Zachary, the newest member of the Bethel Music Collective, didn’t come from a musical family, but her love of music began at the early age of six while learning to play the piano. She didn’t start leading worship until she was a freshman in college, when the Lord clearly spoke to her and told her that it was time. While at Texas Tech, getting her bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, the Lord told her that it was time to start going after worship. While continuing her degree, she began volunteering on her church’s worship team, learning more about worship culture and worship leading.

Zahriya’s first single with Bethel Music, “Back To Life” will be featured on the latest album, Homecoming. This song is a powerful reminder of when the world says we are guilty, that we are to point to Jesus and the price that He paid for us on the cross and just like Lazurus, He brings us back to life.

She currently leads worship in Lubbock, Texas at Church on the Rock. She believes that worship is the place where we belong; it’s the most natural and innate thing that the Lord has called us to do; it doesn’t have to look like music either, it can look like so many things.

Zahriya loves to worship in different cities because everyone carries a different culture and a different face of God. Her heart is that people will forget about her and be led straight to Jesus, whenever she leads.

Back To Life - Zahriya Zachary