Melissa Helser


Melissa Helser


Jonathan and Melissa Helser have been a part of the Bethel Music Collecting since 2014, bringing with them a rich history of passionate worship. The Helsers yearn to see a generation encounter the love of God, and their music reflects their collisions with His love.

The Helsers' are featured on Bethel Music's latest albums VICTORY (2019) with their song "Raise A Hallelujah," written as an anthem to declare over a sick boy's life, and Bethel Music En Español (2019) with "Ya No Soy Esclavo." The Helsers' newest album, Beautiful Surrender released in September 2016 and represents their eighth album release to date, featuring their well-know songs "Abba", "No Longer Slaves", "You Came (Lazarus)", and "Catch the Wind."

The Helsers live with their two beautiful children in Sophia, North Carolina, where they facilitate a multi-generational ministry called A Place for the Heart, and lead a discipleship school called The 18 Inch Journey. They also lead a collective of artists called the Cageless Birds, whose mission is to craft songs, art, and goods that encourage others into wholeness and freedom as children of God.

Melissa Helser - Raise a Hallelujah (Live)