Gable Price and Friends


Gable Price and Friends


Gable Price and Friends is a rock and roll band composed of a few friends with a whole lot of damage to do.

They are known for their high energy music that makes you get speeding tickets, lyricism that simultaneously cuts you and comforts you, and their ability to provide a euphoric live concert experience. Gable Price and Friends is just getting started. 

Halfway between Sacramento, and the Oregon Border, Gable Price and Friends formed in 2018, in a small town called Redding (Now known as “Redding: the home of the boyyyys”). 

Bored and feeling stuck during his first year of school, frontman Gable Price asked guitarist Adam Elizararraz, and drummer Daniel Vargas to join him on making a 4 song EP that they demo’d in his 1977 Camper van: “The Dreamboat”. They crowd funded an astonishing $1000 and wildly underpaid some friends, and Gable Price and Friends was born. In Summer 2019, GP&F added guitarist Cameron Pablo, and Bassist David Funk to the band, and began making their debut full length album “Fractioned Heart”. Met with an overwhelmingly positive response, the boys hit the ground running even more. 

Wondering how to follow up a uniquely successful freshman release, GP&F reimagined 4 songs, and throughout a 14 hour day in a 27 degree barn, live captured those songs and released reimagined EP “The Boxes Humans Made”.

Gable Price and Friends released their latest EP “If I’m Being Honest” in fall 2021, featuring hit song “I Need You”, and fan favorite “50 MG”, this has been their best received release to date. 

The Boys are gearing up for the creation of their next album, and getting ready to hit the road. Keep your eyes peeled, and remember to be a good friend

Gable Price and Friends - Repentance (feat. Cory Asbury)
Gable Price and Friends - You Are My Country (feat. Kristene DiMarco)
Gable Price and Friends - Communion (Live)

Upcoming Events

July 04, 2022
Woodland, WA
The Promise Church
July 17, 2022
Mineral City, OH
Atwood Lake Park - Alive Festival
August 13, 2022
Celina, OH
Mercer County Fair