Emmy Rose


Hailing from Washington state, Emmy Rose was born into a home with parents who were united in Catholic ministry, largely focusing on social justice. Her parents were musical, raising Emmy around songwriting, spurring her to begin writing songs at a very young age. During her youth, Emmy always felt like there was more to God aligning with a pull towards the relational aspect of God. Her spiritual journey led her to attending a FourSquare church in her teens, paired with the prophetic word that she would write songs that would go to the nations. Her music-filled drive led her to studying music at Azusa Pacific. School proved to be a valuable framework for Emmy, giving her the structure and foundation to stand on in worship. Upon graduation, Emmy felt the longing to work for the church. She began her tenure in Southern California before following a call to come to Bethel in 2015. Emmy was nurtured within the Bethel Music family for several years, working with Joanna Finchum, Kalley Heiligenthal, Brian Johnson and a host of others. Emmy immersed herself in all aspects of worship within in the church, including songwriting. Throughout her journey, she has held on to a theme of purity and intimacy alongside a sense-filled impetus that there that there is always more and it has to be real. At the core of Emmy is her desire to sync up with the faithfulness of God, believing that He always writes a better story. Emmy will be featured on future Bethel Music collections.

Emmy Rose - Came To My Rescue (Live Performance)
Emmy Rose - Defender + Do It Again (Live Performance)
Emmy Rose - Good Good Father + Spontaneous (Live Performance)