Bethany Wohrle


Bethany Wohrle


Bethany Wohrle is a worship leader for Bethel Music and became a part of the Bethel Music Collective in 2018. With origins in Florida, Bethany began leading worship at a young age with her local church. Following her family, Bethany moved to Redding in 2010 and attended Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, Bethel Music Worship School, was a part of Bethel’s local worship team, worked for the church at the coffee shop, and volunteered as the Young Adults Worship Pastor.

Bethany is featured on Bethel Music’s Homecoming (2021) singing “All Hail King Jesus”, Revival’s In The Air (2020) singing “Prepare the Way” with Dante Bowe, Victory (2019) singing “Victory is Yours”, and Bethel Music En Español (2019) singing “Mi Esperanza Está en Jesús”. Bethany’s first release with Bethel Music was “Living Hope”, released as a single written by Phil Wickham and Brian Johnson in 2018. Bethany tours with the collective around the world and continues to collaborate with writers, producers, and musicians writing new music for upcoming projects.

Bethany and her husband Christopher currently reside in Lubbock, TX. They are both on staff at Renew Life Church, Bethany as the Worship Pastor and Christopher as the Production Manager and Music Director. The couple is passionate about seeing local worship teams thrive and to see people encounter God in a way that changes their entire way of living.

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Bethany Wohrle - All Hail King Jesus (Live Performance)