JJ Heller


JJ HELLER is on a mission to breathe life and hope into the lives of women. Every day there are countless voices telling females they are not pretty enough, thin enough, nice enough, or doing enough. Women are exhausted from striving to reach unrealistic expectations, while at the same time feeling like they still need to do more.

"While travelling the country playing music over the past 14 years, I kept running into strong, lovely women who were just plain tired and in need of some serious encouragement. That’s where the idea for Evening at the Well was born.” Heller says. She sees wives, sisters and daughters as unsung heroes in their communities and has a heart to celebrate them. Her aim for the night of stories and songs is to remind women of their inherent worth as daughters of the King, and God’s boundless grace for them.

Because there are countless demands on women’s time and attention, Evening at the Well is designed to be an oasis of peace in the desert. It’s a night for the comforters to be comforted, for the encouragers to be encouraged, and the cheer-leaders, cheered-for and filled up with God’s enthusiastic love. Participants are invited to sit back, relax and simply be still for a few gloriously heart-warming hours. The women in our lives spend so much time pouring their time and hearts into others, it’s time for an event that’s specifically designed to fill them back up. Evening at the Well is water for a woman’s soul.

JJ Heller - Paving The Runway (You're Gonna Fly) - (Official Music Video)
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JJ Heller - The Well (Official Music Video)
JJ Heller - This Year (Official Music Video)
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Upcoming Events

March 03, 2018
Clinton, IA
Evangelical Free Church
June 05, 2018
Hickory Corners, MI